Testimonial by Bob Beranek
Testimonial The biggest benefit to your system is its simplicity. As a trainer, I believe that tools with a low learning curve means faster development of productive technicians and your machine is one of those tools that can be mastered quickly and easily. Congratulations on a great design and I wish you success.
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David M Grimes, G...
«We at Grimes Auto Glass have been performing, with varying degrees of success, windshield repair ...»

David M...

Mark Stratton, Ac...
«We purchased the Glazex windshield repair kit back in February , 1991. Out of all the systems we ...»

Mark St...

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Windshield Repair  Resin, 10 cps,1/2 ounce bottle GL1000 Red Cap
Windsheild repair resin for repairing stars, wing cracks. The resin is too thin for repairing bulls ..
$27.50 $24.95
Windshield repair resin, 15 cps, 1/2 ounce bottle GL1010 Yellow Cap
Windshield repair resin, excellent for repairing stars, wing cracks, bulls eyes and combination brea..
$27.50 $24.95
Windshield repair resin- 2000- 3000 cps - 1/2 ounce bottle GL1030 White Cap
Windshield repair resin,  An excellent pit filler resin, to fill cavities in the glass surface ..
$27.50 $24.95
Windshield repair resin- 45 cps - 1/2 ounce bottle GL1020 Blue Cap
Windshield repair resin excellant for repairing stars, wing cracks, bulls eyes, combination bre..
$27.50 $24.95
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