Testimonial by Bob Beranek
Testimonial The biggest benefit to your system is its simplicity. As a trainer, I believe that tools with a low learning curve means faster development of productive technicians and your machine is one of those tools that can be mastered quickly and easily. Congratulations on a great design and I wish you success.
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«We at Grimes Auto Glass have been performing, with varying degrees of success, windshield repair ...»

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«Dear Art, I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with my purchase of your Glazex wi ...»

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Customer Testimonials

Glass Savers of Utah/Glass Repair Specialists Uta
I have been repairing rock chipped windshields since early 1978. We at Glass Savers / Glass Repair Specialists were using the old screw injector method, similar to the other tools on the market today. When introduced to the Glazex tool in 1987 I was sold immediately. But being from the old school of "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" I was a little apprehensive. So we asked our repair techs to give the tool a try and give us feedback. Well, one by one the old screw assembly injector tools were tossed on the shelf and never used again. This tool has such great advantages over any of the other tools I’ve tried. And since 1978, I think I’ve seen every method out there. You can easily view, probe, and flex the entire damage while working on it. The power piston injection method far outweighs the old screw injector. I compare the two to a carbureted fuel system and an EFI fuel system. Although they both work, the EFI is far more efficient and trouble free than the carburetor. The Glazex tool is the easiest and most trouble free system I have found.
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