Testimonial by Bob Beranek
Testimonial The biggest benefit to your system is its simplicity. As a trainer, I believe that tools with a low learning curve means faster development of productive technicians and your machine is one of those tools that can be mastered quickly and easily. Congratulations on a great design and I wish you success.
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Larry Ross, Mr. G...
«We have been using the Glazex at Mr. Glass of Houston for over one and a half years. The tool ha ...»

Larry Ross

David Grassel, Di...
«We have been using the Glazex windshield repair system for over eight years and have been comple ...»

David G...

Customer Testimonials

Linda Hanby, Glass Savers of Oklahoma
I have been using the plunger injection system by Glazex for 5 years, and it is far superior for repairing rock chips in windshields. It is the only system I have used for quality windshield repair, and I have satisfied customers. I was trained and taught by the best, John and Terrie Steiner who have been in a successful business with integrity, and they believe in using the best products possible quality, convenience and value to their customers satisfaction guaranteed.
Linda Hanby
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