Advantages of Glazex

Advantages over and above other repair systems

*The repair tool base and the hinged plate on top are die cast aluminum. The white silicone seals do not harden when used with resins over a period of time and are firmer than those normally supplied in the industry, which also make them last longer. The contact surface of the seal with the glass surface is nearly ¼-inch wide.

*To provide the optimum seal required with a windshield, you place the seal parallel to the glass surface by turning a small adjustment screw at on end of the plate, opposite the injector and which rests on the base. This feature of having the adjustment screw on the base, will prevent stress in the glass as is often with other tools on the market. Stress in the glass is often a cause for "running" of the damage.

*The repair tool has a large rectangular base which gives the repair tool tremendous stability when clamped to the glass surface and an adjusting screw at the end opposite the injector. Thus you can place a controlled amount of pressure, a little or a lot on the injector by turning the adjustment screw and thus lifting the plate from the base, using leverage to flex the glass to the inside.

* The plate is placed one inch above the glass surface with three ears to receive the injector (you will use the center ear 98% of the time). It provides the technician with a full view of the damage during the repair and clearance for providing a heat source if so desired. The three ear design also permits placing the injector on the opening of a damage as close as ¼-inch from the molding without the need for special attachments.

*Because of the superior attachment of the repair tool to the glass surface, it greatly reduces the need for drilling. (remember that drilling is needed in many cases such as bulls eyes where the cone often separates below the glass surface. Don't ever believe that drilling can be eliminated). We consider the use of a drill needed in about 40% to 50 % of the time. If more drilling is done you very likely are doing something wrong, have the wrong equipment, resin etc.

*The rectangular base holds the injector plate rigid above the glass surface, which allows for sliding the repair tool over the glass surface and which holds the injector perpendicular to the glass surface. This is extremly desirable and important when repairing long cracks.

*The repair tool allows for fast positioning over the damage using the simple hand lever on the side. The time required to do a repair depends of course on the damage, however, most repairs are done in less than 5 minutes.