Glazex Tool Placement

Shown is the usual way of placing the repair tool on the windshield.
Working outdoors
Sometimes difficulties arise when repairing outside and protection from ultraviolet light is needed. We provide a simple shield to protect the damage from ultraviolet rays while the repair is in progress.
Use one of the two outside fingers of the plate to position the injector close to the edge and into the corner of the windshield.
A modified injector is used when repairing vertical windshields on vehicles such as buses, RV's, Hummers, trucks, Jeeps etc.
Flexing the glass
The tremendous power of the vacuum base allows you to flex the glass to the inside. By doing this, you will be widening the hairline cracks of a star break or wing crack. If for any reason resin does not penetrate into the last part of a hairline crack, flexing the glass is one way to get the resin to flow again and you control the amount of flexing - just a little or a lot.