Testimonial by Bob Beranek
Testimonial The biggest benefit to your system is its simplicity. As a trainer, I believe that tools with a low learning curve means faster development of productive technicians and your machine is one of those tools that can be mastered quickly and easily. Congratulations on a great design and I wish you success.
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Larry Ross, Mr. G...
«We have been using the Glazex at Mr. Glass of Houston for over one and a half years. The tool ha ...»

Larry Ross

David Grassel, Di...
«We have been using the Glazex windshield repair system for over eight years and have been comple ...»

David G...

Windshield Repair History

Ed Banks played a significant role in putting windshield repair where it is today. As I remember it Ed was the one that got the first insurance deductible waived for repair. It was 1977 in Dallas TX, the insurance co. was Aetna. Ed approached them with the concept of how much money it would save them to waive the deductible and fix the damage before it spread. And at the same time this would help educate the public about windshield repair and the benefits of such. After that, one insurance company after another came aboard. I remember Ed saying, “One day windshield repair will be as well known as the Dallas Cowboys”. Well Ed, I think you were right. It has been along time since I’ve had to explain to someone “what” windshield repair was.
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