Glazex Showcase

Did someone say innovative? How about versatile as well? The Glazex tool is not only the easiest tool on the market to use, but it is the only tool on the market that will perform all 3 major repair systems in use to date.

The basic repair tool shown is furnished with our superior power injector (far left), which is extremely simple to use and maintain. This powerful piston injector has an extra firm seal by which the injector is held against the glass surface and allows the technician to exert enormous pressure on the resin which is really needed to move resin into the hairline cracks of any damage, as you are very well familiar with. Sheer pressure is what windshield repair requires and we offer you this with our repair tool. We have furnished it with three fingers, each capable of placing the injector in corners and along any edge of the windshield. The threads in our tool are standard threads and will hold various injectors, such as Novus screw injectors, Delta, Quick Fix, and any other injector with 1/2 -20 threads. If you prefer screw injectors, there is a very good chance this tool will work for you. Affordable? You Bet.

Vacuum Pressure Pump

The repair tool is easily fitted with an adapter fitting and quick disconnect attached to a hose assembly and our durable metal Vacuum/ Pressure pump, which is capable of pulling 25 to 30 inches of mercury and allow you to apply 16 pounds or more of air pressure. We have many customers who prefer to use the vacuum method when desired or if a situation calls for it. And if a technician feels more comfortable using this method we can supply him or her with the appropriate parts. Remember, the best repairs are made when the technician is comfortable repairing using a certain system or method. We provide you with this option, but wait there is more.

High Positive Piston Pressure

For those who are trained to do repairs by pulling a vacuum and using a high positive piston pressure to force the resin into the damage, we developed our newest engineered feature to our basic tool above. We redesigned the very popular power injector, and modified some parts of the pressure assembly and added a retainer block that holds the piston in place while vacuuming the damage. The next step is for the technician to release the piston from the retainer and the resin is then forced into the damage either manually or with the pressure arm and retainer block. And of course like with our original repair tool, pressure can be regulated more or less by using the pressure adjusting nut and you the technician are not required to baby sit while the repair is in progress. Please note that if resin is ever spilled during operation, resin in easily added to the injector without removal of the tool and restarting the procedure. Always be sure to check other manufactures tools for ease of use.


Here is a little Green for you.

When using our power piston injector, most repairs require 3-4 drops of resin. How much do you currently use per repair? 5-7 or even more? Now we are talking Green.


Finally, we also claim that our tool is the easiest to maintain. After each repair we require you to place the tool WITH the injector seal on a paper towel (to soak up any resin residue left in the barrel). “SET IT AND FORGET IT” until the next repair. DO NOT REMOVE THE SEAL FROM THE INJECTOR and if using our resins, DO NOT CLEAN THE RESIN FROM THE INJECTOR BARREL. It will not cure inside the barrel. There are no seals to grease after each working day. And quality, we did build into our repair tool. Many parts are manufactured in-house. The injector seals will last you for hundreds of repairs, the pistons and our in-house manufactured vacuum bases are good for many more hundreds of repairs. Yes, we use the repair tool ourselves and any time parts break prematurely or are not well made, the cost of the repair skyrockets. When doing some 50 or 60 repairs in a day, one cannot afford that kind of loss in time. For this a single technician uses an average of 4 to 6 repair tools in a complete days work. And yes, this tool is also the ultimate for doing fleet repairs resulting in the largest numbers of repairs possible.

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