• Windshield Repair Kit starter. GL0000

This is our Starter windshield repair kit.  It comes with everything needed to do windshield repairs.  The Glazex windshield repair kit is the easiest repair kit on the market to use.  This is not a disposable kit.  This kit is made to last and last.

DVD (how to use the tool)
Instruction Manuel
Parts and Price Catalog
1 Bottle Red Cap Resin  (Our thinnest, 12 cps used for small tight damages, wingcracks, stars.  Also good in cooler weather)
1 Bottle Yellow Cap Resin  (Our medium, 22 cps used for all types of repairs, also warmer weather.)
1 Bottle Blue Cap Resin  (Our heaviest, 45 cps used for larger damages, bull eyes, combos ect.)
1 Bottle Pit Filler
1 Hook Probe
Curing Tabs
Glazex Windshield Repair Tool
2 Plastic Curvature Strips
2 Spare Plate Adjusting Screws
2 Spare Sleeve Injector Seals
2 Spare Pistons
Cleaning Tool
3 Medium Diameter Drill Bits (0.5 mm)
3 Large Diameter Drill Bits (0.8 mm)
2 Speed Drill w/ Charger w/ Finger Chuck
Razor Blades 25
Spray Lubricant
Spray Bottle - 24 oz.
Tool Box
12 V UV Light
Refillable Micro torch  (Use high-grade fuel, at least triple refined)

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Windshield Repair Kit starter. GL0000

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